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1. Shop online is run by Nukko Design Piotr Pawlowski, ul. Gniewska 70, 60-454 Poznan,, NIP: 781-177-26-45; Regon 364466618, registered in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity of the Republic of Polish conducted by the minister responsible for the economy.


a) Online Shop or Shop – run by Nukko Design available at,
b) Rules - the present Regulations of the online Shop
c) Seller - Nukko Design Piotr Pawlowski, address Gniewska 70, 60-454 Poznan, Poland,, NIP: 781-177-26-45; Regon 364466618,
d) Buyer - a person with full or limited legal capacity, legal person or organizational unit, which separate regulations grant legal capacity, benefiting from the Online Shop, in particular making it purchases,
e) Registration Form - available at online Shop form that allows to create an account,
f) Account - marked with an individual name (login) and password given by
g) Order Form - an interactive form available at online Shop that allows submission of Orders
h) Order - declaration of intent submitted by the Buyer Order Form and aimed directly to the Product Sale Agreement with the Seller.
i) The sale agreement - a contract of sale of the Product concluded or concluded between the Customer and the Seller through the online store.
j) The product - available at Shop for the movable object of the Purchase Agreement between the Customer and the Seller - mats for fun, bed sheets, blankets, footstools, pillows and accessories,
k) Proof of purchase - receipt, invoice or other document confirming the purchase of the Product.

2. The Terms and Conditions stipulate rules of using Online Shop, including order and delivery proceedings, payment forms, withdrawal or termination of the agreement of sale and procedures for lodging a complaint
3. In order to use the Shop, check the stock and place orders it is required:to have a computer with Internet access and browser (supported browsers are: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or other meeting technical criteria);active e-mail account which is required to confirmation of the order by the Shop and contact with the customer during order proceedings.
4. The Buyer shall use the Shop with its intended purpose and in accordance with the legal framework of the Republic of Poland.


1. Information about products available at Online Shop are an invitation to contract with the meaning of art. 71 of the Civil Code.
2. The customer can place orders for Products available at Online Shop, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
3. To place an order at Online Shop the Buyer need to proper fulfillment Order form and acceptance contained in these Terms and conditions of the contract and delivery costs.
4. Any person placing an order over the Internet Online Store is obliged to check out the Online Shop Rules.
5. This Shop Online can be used by both unregistered and registered users. Only registered users, however, can use all features of the Shop, including order history, text predicting when completing personal information.
6. In order to register (start Customer's account), registration form must be filled in, and the following information given: email address and password. Buyer is required to accept Online Shop Rules and to give consent to processing personal information for the purposes of electronically supplied services and completing orders.
7. By acceptance of the Online Shop Rules, the Buyer confirms he is authorised to give personal information and giving this information does not violate any third party rights.
8.In order to remove Customer's account from the Shop, a request must be sent to Seller email at
9. Orders will be processed in the order of placed.
10. The average process time is 3 business days after accepted full payment. In the case of products made for order process time is up to 21 days.
11. In exceptional situations, when products will be out of stock, the Buyer will be notified immediately and asked to take a decision on the further implementation of the order. The buyer may cancel the whole order, agree to a partial execution of the contract or to extend the time of realization.
12. After placing an order the Buyer will receive an e-mail order confirmation. The Shop may contact the Buyer by phone to confirm the order.
13. The sale agreement shall be regarded as concluded upon receipt by the Buyer's e-mail referred to in point. 12 of this section.
14. Orders submitted for implementation can be canceled before the shipment. This provision applies only to personal purchase. In the case of other purchases Orders can not be canceled.
15. We reserve the right to:
a) The refusal of the contract, which will include incomplete data, in particular those which are necessary to confirm and correct implementation of the order.
b) The refusal of the order of the doubtful.

1. Product prices at Shop's website include VAT and are given in EURO currency (EUR); do not include delivery costs, which depend on options selected by Buyer and total weight of the order. The price including delivery cost (i.e. price of the ordered product and delivery cost) is given in Basket before order is finally placed by Buyer.
2. To each Order there is attached proof of purchase (an invoice).
3. Seller provides the Buyer following methods of payment of the Purchase Agreement:
a) cash payment,
b) payment on Sellers bank account Deutsche Bank Polska SA, account number: PL23 1910 1048 2263 7465 80080003, SWIFT: DEUTPLPX.
c) electronic payments and credit card payments via
d) electronic payment through PayPal payment system
4. The way of the payment is chosen by Buyer when placing orders.
5. If the buyer fails to make payment within 7 days of confirmation of the Order, Seller will call for payment. In case of ineffective calls, the Seller has the right to cancel the contract informing the Buyer via e-mail or telephone.
6. The Seller has the right to effectuate changes in Shop's stock, to modify product price, to start and cancel promotional campaigns. Any changes and modifications are effective in respect of new orders. They do dot affect, however, orders placed before changes and modifications are made.


1. Process  time is 3 business days after full confirmed payment. In the case of products made for order process time is up to 21 days.
2. Delivery date includes time necessary to complete purchased products and depends on availability if the ordered product
3. Buyer Seller provides the following delivery methods:
a) providing a product to the Buyer’s shipping address by the priority Polish Post mail
b) providing products to the Buyer's shipping address by the by courier
c) personal collection
4. The selection of the payments method is made by Buyer when placing an order.
5. Shipping costs are calculated according to the current price lists and depend on the weight and size of the consignment. The buyer is informed about the cost of shipping when placing an order.
6. The Buyer covers delivery costs.
7. Seller agrees to provide products free of defects.
8. The Buyer agrees to receive Product sent by Seller.


1. Before accepting a package, the Buyer is obliged to check that has not been damaged in transit. If the packaging has visible external damage, we recommend you refuse to accept the shipment and drawing up a suitable protocol with carrier.
2. In case that the product is defective, the Buyer is obliged to notify the Seller.
3. The buyer is obliged to return the faulty Product to the Seller at its own expense, together with a written statement.
4. The complaint should contain a description of the defect of the Product, the date of its establishment and demand to Buyer. Buyer must attached Proof of purchase to retuned Order.
5. Seller shall within 14 days of receipt to inform the Buyer about the outcome of the complaint procedure. No comment on Sellers within the deadline means that the seller took the complaint to be justified.
6. Slight differences in appearance due to individual computer settings buyer can not be the basis for a complaint of product purchased.


1. In accordance with applicable regulations, within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery of ordered goods, the buyer is entitled to its return without giving reasons within the withdrawal, according to the general principles deriving from the provisions on the conclusion of distance. This only applies to consumer sales, and therefore applies only to the sale of a natural person who is purchasing for the purpose unrelated to the activities of professional or commercial activity.
2. The buyer is obliged to submit a written statement by email or post about wanting to withdraw from the contract, the assigned statutory 14-day time limit from the time of delivery.
3. The returned product can not bear traces of use - every element must be complete and pre-packed goods supplied in the original packaging intact. In the case of non-compliance with this condition, the product will not be accepted.
4. The buyer is obliged to return the Product within 14 days of its receipt and proof of purchase.
5. The cost of the return shipment of the Product shall be borne by the Buyer.
6. Seller shall refund the payment price of the Product using the same method of payment, which used the Buyer. In the case of payment by credit card refund will be made on the card.
7. Returns products sent at the expense of the Seller or COD will not be accepted.


1. The Seller's personal data provided by the Seller is processed in accordance with applicable law, including pursuant to the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC (general regulation on data protection) (OJ L 119, 4.5.2016, hereinafter: "Regulation").
2. The Seller may process personal data in an automated manner, including through profiling, on the terms resulting from the Regulation. In this case, the purpose of the Seller's actions is marketing objectives or the need to personalize messages sent to Users (including matching information to the needs or expectations of the User). The User has the right to object to such processing of his data - this objection may be expressed by sending a message to the Seller's e-mail: The Buyer may consent to receiving commercial information about the Service Provider or its partners by electronic means.
3. The scope of processed customer's personal data is as follows: name, surname, e-mail address, home address, telephone number.
4. In order to correctly resolve a complaint, the customer should provide at least the following personal details: name, surname, street, house number, apartment number, contact telephone number and e-mail address.
5. The service provider also processes the operational data regarding the IP address of the Customer's device for technical purposes as well as for statistical purposes.
6. The Buyer has the right to inspect and correct their personal data or to reasonably delete them from the Seller's database.
7. The Seller ensures that it does not share personal data with other entities than authorized under the applicable law, unless required by European Union law or Polish law.
8. The Seller shall apply appropriate technical and organizational measures ensuring protection of the personal data processed, appropriate to the nature, scope, context and purposes of processing as well as the risk of violating the rights or freedoms of natural persons.
9. Providing the data is voluntary, but necessary to provide the service electronically and to perform the contract of sale, or to consider the complaint.
10. For statistical purposes and in order to ensure the highest quality of services, the Online Store uses information saved by the server on the Buyer's end device, which are then read each time the web browser connects (so-called cookies). The buyer may at any time change the browser settings so that they do not accept such files or inform about their transmission. Not accepting cookies may cause difficulties in using all functionalities of the Online Store.


1. Seller shall use best efforts to keep its services at best quality, however temporary inability to access Shop Online due to maintenance, software changes or improvements, hardware changes or improvements cannot be excluded.
2. Personal computer settings may cause differences between picture in Customer's computer and actual picture of the product (colour, proportion etc.)
3. Seller reserves the right to modify this Online Shop Rules due to important technical. Legal or administrative reasons. Modification shall be effective within the time determined by Sango Trade, but no less than 7 days starting from the moment of making a modification to this Online Shop Rules. Orders placed before modification is effective shall be completed in accordance with unmodified Online Shop Rules.
4. Any dispute between the parties shall be settled in an amicable way, or in the presence of an independent and impartial mediator. However, in the absence of an amicable settlement of the dispute, including via mediation, the Court's jurisdiction will be determined according to the rules generally applicable to the Polish Republic.
5. In matters not covered by these Regulations will apply the relevant provisions of Polish law, in particular the Act of 23 April 1964 - Civil Code (Dz. U. 1964 No. 16, pos. 93, as amended.) And the Act of May 30, 2014 the consumer rights (OJ 2014 pos. 827) and other relevant.
6. The Online Shop Rules apply from 25.05.2018r.


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